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Leah's Story

We're sharing stories from our residents about what their Bellwether apartment means to them. Check back for more stories soon!

Leah was having a hard time finding a job. She’s a very capable, outgoing, and intelligent woman who lives at Arbora Court. Last summer, she started working with Carlisa, our employment specialist, to improve her resume, discuss her potential careers, and search job openings.

After considering different career paths, Leah wrote a letter to a temp service so that she could get temporary work while she sorts out some of the challenges in her life. The temp service hired her to work in concessions at Seahawks and Kraken games.

At first, the only benefit to the job was being able to pay her bills. But as Leah received more compliments from her manager, coworkers, and customers, she really started to like her work. This boosted her self esteem. Leah is proud of herself and her work. We’re proud of her too!

Resident Services Coordinators help residents like Leah:

  • Sign up for rental assistance and apply for scholarships

  • Find a job, with interview and resume prep

  • Access medical and mental health care

  • Find quality, affordable childcare

  • Access resources like schools, libraries, and food banks

  • Sign up for unemployment & disability benefits

  • Find ESL Classes or go back to school

  • Combat social isolation with organized activities

Coordinators kept more than 550 at-risk families housed during the pandemic.

Please donate to support Bellwether Housing. Together, we can help our neighbors, like Leah, find home and build stable, thriving lives.


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