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Patrick's Story

Patrick is a retired senior living at Meridian Manor Apartments. His apartment is important to him because it’s a roof over his head. Patrick likes that his apartment is comfortable and allows him to stay healthy. He appreciates that his neighborhood has everything he needs in it and his surroundings are familiar.

Patrick lives alone, but has friends in the building. He knows that community is important for everyone, at all stages of life.

“I enjoy my neighbors. A good neighbor is one that greets you nicely no matter what type of day it is. We do have a lot of interesting people within our building,” said Patrick.

Patrick is pleased that his Resident Services Coordinator organizes trips for the seniors in his building. This year they visited places like the Van Gogh art exhibit and Snoqualmie Falls.

“We have a Resident Services Coordinator who is very good in her position and she handles the residents with a certain amount of dignity that is not seen too often. She is exceptionally good at what she’s doing,” said Patrick.

Please donate to support Bellwether Housing. Together, we can help our neighbors, like Patrick, find home and build stable, healthy lives.


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