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Property Management

Our Bellwether Property Management Team along with our Facilities Management Team manage leasing, resident needs, and oversee building security, safety, and upkeep.  The team supervises  major upgrades to older buildings and responds to daily needs of the residents.  We have been managing affordable housing since 1980.


Current residents can find help online for common requests at our Residents Portal.

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Facilities Management Services


Routine exterior painting of buildings and interior painting of public and common areas. 


General building repairs. 


Maintenance of building life-support and safety systems, such as security alarms, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and lighting. 


Pest control. 


Care of trees and shrubbery, lawns, sidewalks and snow removal. 


Maintenance and repair of door locks and door hardware.


Repair or replacement of community furnishings and equipment.


You gave me freedom of feeling safe in my own home.


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