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Our Residents

The residents at Bellwether are making life happen. They are good people with big hearts. Bellwether Housing is helping to strengthen their communities and give them more opportunities. 


Finding Stability​

Many of our residents have told us that the housing we provided allowed them to survive life’s curveballs. Bellwether's goal is to boost people up, not keep them down. ​


Some of our residents have fled their country or left another area of the US and arrived here knowing no one, or have disabilities or health complications. At Bellwether, residents get comfort and settle in. 50% of our residents have lived in their apartments for 5 years or more, and 20% for 10 years or more. ​

resident-Teba Interview-2.jpg

Bellwether Residents: 

Teba and her mom


Finding a Strong Community​


Many Bellwether residents lost work during the COVID-19 pandemic and were unable to pay rent. Our Resident Services Team identified all residents eligible for Seattle rental assistance and walked them through the complex application progress. Helping our residents get rental assistance and stay housed is some of the most important work Bellwether has ever done.

Bellwether Residents: 

The Ritter family 


Finding Opportunity​

Our residents have told us that they were able to pursue a new job or education opportunities, had easier commutes, and could enroll their children in excellent schools because of the housing they have at Bellwether. Those who received scholarships took their education further and soon will be able to pursue new job opportunities.

Bellwether Residents: 

The Fanose family


Bellwether Resident


Bellwether Resident: 


Creating access to opportunity through affordable housing



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