About Bellwether Housing

Bellwether Housing was founded in 1980 to create housing for lower wage workers to have access to safe, affordable housing close to their jobs. After nearly 40 years of success and growth, Bellwether is the Pacific Northwest’s largest nonprofit affordable housing provider.


Today, we serve over 3,500 residents in 2,100 homes and we have over 1,000 homes in development. By locating our buildings near transit, workplaces, schools and other amenities, Bellwether puts greater opportunity within reach of our residents. This way, our residents – families, large and small, households recovering from homelessness, seniors, immigrants, preschool teachers and social workers, and young people just starting out - have access to the opportunity and prosperity of our region and, in turn, cultivate a more vibrant and equitable city.

Looking forward, Bellwether will continue to integrate over 40 years of success with new ideas and pioneering development approaches. As King County continues to experience unprecedented job growth, housing shortages, and increasing homelessness, over the next five years, Bellwether plans to develop or acquire 2,500 new homes for low- and moderate-income residents of urban King County by 2025.

Our Vision

We envision diverse communities where people of all incomes and backgrounds share in the prosperity of our region.

Our Mission

Bellwether Housing creates stable communities and access to opportunity through affordable housing. We develop and manage homes for people with limited incomes near job centers, transit, and services. We amplify our impact by helping other organizations in the Puget Sound region do the same.

Our Five Year Plan

In the next five years, we plan to build or acquire 2500 new apartments, grow our organization to maintain and operate these new units, and embed anti-racism into our organization's culture and work. 

You can view our Strategic Plan here.

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

As an affordable housing organization, we recognize the significant role that our country’s housing system has played in upholding the power of white supremacy that this country was founded on. This has resulted in discriminatory practices and a wealth gap that advantages white people and disadvantages Black people and other people of color. We live in a city with a history of housing segregation, redlining, and systematically denying people of color access to safe and affordable homes. We cannot create stable communities through affordable housing without addressing racial justice. Housing justice is racial justice.


Bellwether Housing continues to aspire to do the challenging work of putting forth anti-racist education and action within our organization and in our wider community. We are committed to becoming an anti-racist organization and continuing to do the work to dismantle the systemic and institutionalized racism that our country was built on. Our anti-racism work is led by a 13-person Equity Committee made up of staff from across our organization. 

Organization Demographics

As part of our anti-racism work, we are publishing demographic data about the racial and gender makeup of our board, leadership team, staff, and residents. Our goal is to be transparent about racial and gender parities and disparities at our organization. We believe it is important that our staff, leadership, and board reflect our residents and our greater community. We include King County demographics data to show how our organization compares to our geographic area. This information is updated annually. 

2019 /2020 Racial Diversity at Bellwether

2019 /2020 Gender Diversity at Bellwether

About the Data

Bellwether Groups
  • Board of Directors data is self-reported by board members as of June 2020.

  • Leadership Team data is self-reported and updated as of April 2021.

  • People Leaders includes our Leadership team, as well as staff in management positions. It is self-reported by staff and current as of June 2020.

  • Bellwether staff includes all staff, including People Leaders. Self reported by staff and current as of June 2020.

  • Bellwether resident data is from our 2019 Annual Resident Survey.

King County Data Sources

Data Notes
  • All percentages have been rounded to the nearest 1%. 

  • Totals may add up to more than 100% to reflect when multiple categories were selected.

  • N/A = not asked by that data source / survey.

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