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Funding & Support

What does it take to provide affordable housing in the Seattle area? The actual cost of constructing 750 new affordable homes is pegged at around $257 million, but that is just a part of the cost for providing affordable housing. The ongoing costs include daily building management, maintenance, and resident services that we provide. We run our organization responsibly and with innovative financial tools to remain so. We launched the nation’s first crowdfunded impact investment that funds the development of affordable housing in 2019. This model has made it possible for us to complete our construction projects as planned while providing needed assistance to our residents.


Our sources of funding are private individual and corporate contributions and loans, government funding and land donations, property development fees from our consulting work, rental income, and interest earned on investment holdings.

Our Financials

View our recent annual reports and audits for details:

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2020 Audit 

2019 Audit

2018 Audit

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