Thank you for joining us at this year's Closer to Home virtual fundraiser!

Your support opens doors to opportunity

To our incredible Bellwether Housing community: thank you. Thank you for making this year's Closer to Home an incredible success. This week, we celebrated the work of our amazing staff. We heard incredible and honest stories from our residents, like Marlon. We reflected on 40 years of bold visions, and we looked forward to a future of opportunity, community, and growth.

"I've been here for two years, and it's just been amazing. My career is excelling and I've never been so happy" - Marlon, resident of Bellwether Housing

Together, we raised over $340,000 and counting. Every dollar raised at Closer to Home helps provide our 3,500 residents with supportive services, healthy meals, and educational resources. 

You can still take part in Closer to Home. Watch our event below, and deepen your impact by giving today.

Missed the live event? You can rewatch at any time!

With much gratitude

We are so grateful to everyone that helped make this event possible!

Thank you to the incredible folks that shared their story and helped Closer to Home come to life. Thank you to our residents, staff, Board, partners, and supporters for taking the time to film with us and for sharing your stories. Thank you: Alice Shobe, Amanda Coursey-Maldonado, Cameron Keegan, Catherine, Chef Kristi Brown, Deva Hasson, Dwight, Elliot Swanson, Gabe Grant, Grant Lakey, Jacquie, Jason, Jillian, John Bliss, Jon Scholes, Kai, Kitoko, Khari, Kayah McCoy Huff, Kevin Kelley, Kobrom, Kristi, Lee Murray, Maria Bliss, Marlon, Muslim Man, Nancy Lambert, Nancy Smith, Olexia Smarker, Orin Hasson, Paris, Patricia, Peter Shapiro, Sarah Lewontin, Sue Selman, Suresh Chanmugam, Thomas, Tiffany, Virginia Anderson, and Yvonne Duncan.



Thank you to our Virtual Table Hosts, you stepped up in a challenging year and took on this new role with ease and enthusiasm. Many thanks to you: Alanna Cotton, Alex Hudson, Amy Besunder, Ann Melone, Ayu Rahmany, Bart Cima, Becky Bicknell, Cambrie Nelson, Carla DewBerry, Casey Huang, Cheryl DeBoise, Chris Lamb, Claire Magula, Deva Hasson, Duane Leonard, Dylan Simon, Elliot Swanson, Gabriel Grant, Gregg Colburn, Heather Burns, Jacob Gelb, Jacqueline Hansen, Jae Easterbrooks, Jan Laskey, Jeff Reibman, Jenna Leland, Jillian Sullivan, John Bliss, Katelin Carter, Katie Woods, Mariel Wettick, Marni Wright, Martika Stone, Martin Gleaves, Michele Wang, Michelle Hawley, Paul Keely, Paul Lambros, Peggy Heim, Peter & Lisa Nitze, Peter Larsen, Pete Miller, Rae Anne Rushing, Rebekah Bastian, Richard Kendall, Richard Loo, Shawn Scott, SMR Architects, Suresh Chanmugam, Susan Boyd, Taylor Robinson, Theresia Song, Tony Daguanno, Travis Bortolazzo, and Virginia Quinn.

A special shout out and thank you to our Top Three Virtual Tables: Seattle Multifamily Team - Kidder Mathews hosted by Dylan Simon, Urban Renaissance Group hosted by John Bliss, and RAFN Company hosted by Shawn Scott. Thank you for your incredible work fundraising on behalf of Bellwether Housing, your support and fervor is much appreciated! Together, these three Virtual Tables raised over $48,000!

We are so grateful for the leadership, care, and tenacity of our Board of Directors and Leadership Team, thank you.

We owe an incredible amount of gratitude to our amazing production team, Playfish Media. Thank you for helping our visions of Closer to Home come to life.

We are unbelievably thankful for our Closer to Home Sponsors. In this challenging year, we are so grateful to have the support of our partners. Thank you so much!


Visionary Sponsors

Champion Sponsors

Advocate Sponsors

Banner Bank
Beneficial State Bank
GeoTech Consultants
Heartland LLC
HEWITT Seattle
James Tjoa & Associates
Kantor Taylor PC

Rafn Company
Runberg Architecture Group, PLLC
Rushing Co
The Commerce Bank of Washington
USI Insurance Services
Weber Thompson

Partner Sponsors

Coughlin Porter Lundeen
DCI Engineers
Edca Roofing
Enterprise Community Partners
Guardian Security Systems
Kidder Mathews

Morgan Mechanical
National Equity Fund, Inc.
Pacifica Law Group
Plymouth Housing
Raymond James & Associates
VIA Architecture

Thank you!

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