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Libby's Story

We're sharing stories from our residents about what their Bellwether apartment means to them. Check back for more stories soon!

Libby lives in Olive Tower in the Denny Triangle neighborhood of downtown Seattle.

Libby used to live in Chicago and took care of her mom. But after her mom died, there was nothing left for her there. Libby’s daughter talked her into moving to Seattle. She really likes this city; she has been here for more than six years.

Libby was laid off and Carlisa (an Employment Specialist with Bellwether Housing) helped her get into a job training program for medical services. She's very proud of her certificate of completion.

“I was struggling and couldn’t find resources. Carlisa was the only person who helped me. This program helped me get on my way in the direction I want to go. Now I’ve had several job interviews," said Libby.

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