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Lilian's Story

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

We're sharing stories from our residents about what their Bellwether apartment means to them. Check back for more stories soon!

Lilian is a single mom to three children and works as a caregiver. Lilian and her family live in Arbora Court in the University District. They all really like their apartment and her children have friends in the building.

“Our apartment means security, shelter, safety … it means everything for our family,” said Lilian.

Before Arbora Court Apartments, Lilian and her family lived in Lacey, Washington. But they didn’t have the resources they needed. One of Lilian’s sons has nonverbal autism. They moved to Seattle so that they could access necessary resources for her son’s special needs. Lilian appreciates living close to Children’s Hospital and the University of Washington Medical Center.

Arbora Court’s Resident Services Coordinator helped Lilian apply to the University Christian Church scholarship fund, which provides funding for educational activities for children and youth at Arbora Court. She likes that she can choose a program that enriches their family.

“My kids love water. Last year they chose swimming classes, which were fun and very good for them to learn to swim. It’s a life-saving thing to learn. The children really enjoyed it. We can do it together as a family,” said Lilian.

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