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The Legacy of University Christian Church Lives On

Back in 2018, Bellwether opened the doors at Arbora Court, a 133-apartment complex in the University District. This project was made possible by the University Christian Church who sold the property (a former parking lot and adjacent land across the street from the church) to Bellwether for below market rate.

Later that year, University Christian Church merged with Lake City Christian Church to form a new congregation, Journey Christian Church. As the merger conversations evolved, UCC made the difficult decision to sell their church property too.

Proceeds from the sale were used to establish the University Christian Legacy Foundation which funds causes consistent with the former church’s mission and values. As part of this effort, Bellwether was selected to receive funding to support and advance educational opportunities for children and youth residing at Arbora Court. An application process was developed and rolled out to residents.

On April 5th, Bellwether awarded its first round of scholarships to residents. We were able to fund every application! Requests included vocational training, college tuition, private high school tuition, private grade school tuition, academic tutoring, swim lessons, music lessons and dance lessons. The ages of grantees ranged from 2 to 22.

Bellwether is excited to partner with the University Christian Legacy Foundation to provide transformative opportunities for youth at Arbora Court. We look forward to sharing the impact of these scholarships in a future post.


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