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Rent and Access

Trash and Recycling

All our buildings have trash, recycling, and compost bins.

Do not put plastic in the compost bin. If there is plastic in the bin, the collection company will take it to the landfill and not the composting facility.

Break down all cardboard items before putting them it in the trash chute or recycling bin.

If the trash chute becomes blocked Contact your Site Manager ASAP. If a trash chute is blocked, do not leave your garbage in the trash room; return it to your apartment until the chute can be cleared.

Trash Safety

When disposing garbage or recycling material, remove all personal information and shred any financial, medical ,or personal documents that contain sensitive information. Leaving personal information in the garbage can increase your risk of identity theft and other criminal activities. Contact the RSC team if you need help accessing a shredder.

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