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Reporting Security Incidents

Let us know about any safety issues you encounter.

This helps us keep track of what’s happening at buildings. You can share with your property manager, resident service coordinator, by calling us at 206-623-0506 or emailing


If you or someone else are in immediate danger, call 911 if you are able and feel safe doing so. Consider requesting "fire and rescue only" when appropriate (i.e., for behavioral health issues).

Non-Emergency Safety Issues

For non-emergencies requiring a police response, such a reporting a theft or filing a crime report call:

Seattle Police Department Non-Emergency Line: (206) 625-5011

Tukwila Police Department Non-Emergency Line: (206)-241-2121


If there is a theft, contact the police non-emergency lines listed above. Then, please write an email or note to your building manager ASAP. This provides a written record of the issue and is proof in the event legal action is taken. If the building office is open, you can call your site manager directly. The site manager may unavailable immediately to respond, so this is why reports of non-emergency incidents should be put in writing.

If you need help writing a report or need translation services, please contact your Resident Services Coordinator.

If there is an emergency during business hours, call the police and call the office. The police are best equipped to handle urgent issues and reports of theft.

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