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Personal Safety Resources

This is a way to put information down for emergencies. The information will only be accessed if you call 911. For example, if you are unable to speak once you dial 911 the call taker will be able to access your name, location and if you have any health conditions and dispatch the needed emergency personal.

Personal safety course

(206) 625-5011

Free classes and services offered by SPD. Log on to the web site and under meetings and trainings you can view the current schedule. Classes focus on situational awareness and safety precautions.

Pepper Spray

Keep an eye on the expiration date for proper usage. Remember that it is a defense weapon.

Personal Alarm

Recommend using Emergency Self-Defense Security Alarm Keychain with LED Light. You pull the pin and a loud alarm sound.

Strategic Living Safety Education:

Safety basics and self-defense information for women.

MKG Seattle

(206) 202-0748

Most workshops are focused on self defense for women. They will happily conduct specialty courses that include men, for college or high school students and are proudly supportive of our LGBTQIA friends and community.

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