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Rent and Access


I’m expecting a package delivery, but I won't be home to receive it. Can the office accept packages for me?

Your building's office can receive packages during regular business hours. If you would like staff to accept packages for you, please make complete the Package Agreement Form and give it to your Site Manager. On the form, you can also give permission for staff to place packages inside your unit.


Download PDF • 134KB

This offer is a courtesy, not a guarantee. Staff may not always be available to sign for and handle your package(s) when carriers deliver due to part-time office hours, non-staffed buildings, performing other duties away from the office, holidays, absences, illnesses or vacations. If you are receiving medication or time sensitive packages, you may want to make other delivery arrangements.

My package was delivered to the Site Manager’s office, and the office is closed. Can someone get my package for me?

No, your package will not be available until the office reopens.

Mail & Package Security

We all hate it when packages get stolen!

Here are some tips:

  • Create free accounts with USPS, UPS, and FedEx. You can automatically get shipping and delivery notifications by text and email. You can also change delivery dates and locations.

  • Send your packages to Amazon Lockers or other package hubs.

  • Try to get packages delivered when someone is home. (We know this can be easier said than done). Using a tracking service can help.

  • If possible, send deliveries to your workplace.

  • If possible, make arrangements with a friend or neighbor to receive packages for you.

  • DO NOT let strangers into the building. This is the #1 cause of package theft!

  • Do not leave packages in common areas, lobbies, or outside apartment doors if at all possible! (We know it is easier said than done sometimes!).

  • When you make online purchases, give specific delivery instructions.

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