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No-Smoking Policy

All Bellwether Housing Apartments are no-smoking communities which includes individual apartment units. Bellwether posts “No Smoking” signs at entrances and in common areas and will enforce compliance with this Policy. This Policy applies to any and all persons entering a designated Bellwether property, including residents and their guests and visitors, contractors, and employees.

Smoking is not permitted in individual units or the common spaces of a designated Bellwether community or facility of any type after the effective date of the Policy, unless otherwise specified. "Smoke" or "smoking" means the possession or use (carrying or smoking) of any kind of lighted pipe, cigar, cigarette, or any other lighted smoking equipment or tobacco product or other substance.

“Individual units” are defined as the interior and exterior spaces tied to a particular multi-family apartment dwelling unit. This includes, but is not limited to, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, patios, balconies, and entryway and window areas.

“Common spaces” are defined as areas within the building interior, that are open to the public or are private spaces other than individual units, including but not limited to entryways, community patios or balconies, roof terraces, lobbies, hallways, elevators, management offices, public restrooms, community rooms, community kitchens, stairwells, parking garages and carports, and any other area of the building that is accessible to employees, residents and guests or any other person.

Smoking is only permitted in areas outside the building that are not common areas, and which are a minimum of 25 feet away from any entrance to the building or from windows and/or air intake vents through which smoke could enter the building. All residents and guests are required to dispose of their used smoking materials, cigarette and cigar butts, ashes, etc. in appropriate collection receptacles off the property. Landlord is not obligated to provide collection receptacles.

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