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Household Changes

How do I add someone to my household?

Please contact your Site Manager. In general, the new household member(s) must:

·       Complete the lease addition application

·       Pay a screening fee

·       Meet all requirements for tenancy

If approved, a new lease will be signed, but the lease term will stay the same. For example, if your lease has already switched to month-to-month, you won't be required to sign up for another full 12 months. If the lease addition is within the first 12 months of occupancy the entire household must re-income qualify for the unit.

Why can’t my friend/relative stay with me without being on the lease?

The local and federal funding Bellwether receives requires all people living in the apartment be included as occupants on the lease. Guests staying more than 7 days in a twelve-week period must apply to be added to the lease.

My roommate is moving out, what do I need to do?

All household members must complete and sign a Roommate Notice of Termination. Your Site Manager will also sign this form.

What happens if my income changes?

In most cases, income is reported to Bellwether once a year during annual recertification. Residents receiving rent subsidy must report income changes as they occur to their subsidy provider. Contact your Site Manager for more details.

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