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Celebrating Zahra! "She leads from her position and would someday be very influential."

Describe your role at Bellwether.

I am a Site Manager.

What do you find most meaningful about your work?

I find providing affordable housing throughout the city of Seattle very meaningful, as I have personally taken advantage of affordable housing and it tremendously helped me financially.

Tell us about a woman that you admire or are inspired by (past or present).

I am inspired everyday by many women that surround me in my everyday life, although the woman who inspires me most is my mother Eltifat. Since I was a little girl, I saw her strength and courage to do and be different, despite the norms society has set. Love you mom!

Quote from a colleague:

“From my first meeting with Zahra, I knew she was someone who leads from her position and someday would be a very influential People Leader. I’ve been inspired by her being a co-chair for the Equity Committee."


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