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Celebrating Katie! "I find it incredibly meaningful to find new & better ways to live our mission"

Describe your role at Bellwether:

As Director of Information Technology at Bellwether, I am accountable for the sustainable and scalable management of our network, hardware, and software portfolios, our telecommunication, building security and access control products and services, and our managed services providers, contractors, and vendors. I manage a talented team of individuals that provide exemplary customer service, support, and training to our end-users and manage technology-related change initiatives for the agency. I also consider it an integral aspect of my position within the Bellwether Leadership team to challenge and advocate for the strategic cultural values of anti-racism, continuous improvement, impactful change management and centering our customers.

What do you find most meaningful about your work?

As a professional change agent, I find it incredibly meaningful to help Bellwether find new (and better) ways to live our mission by recognizing the possibilities and seizing the opportunities that change provides. Every day provides new challenges and more opportunity to innovate, which keeps every day exciting and fresh.

Tell us about a woman that you admire or are inspired by (past or present).

The woman I most admire, was a tireless and skilled worker who showed me the value and deep satisfaction in setting and meeting high standards. She patterned for me, what was possible when you devote your time and energies to people, things, and work of worth. I watched her struggle and succeed, and grew to understand my own capacity to overcome obstacles. She continues to encourage my independence, challenge my intellect, and teach me what it is to truly love. I’m lucky; the woman I most admire is my Mom – Peggy Ross.

What Colleagues Say:

“Katie has transformed the way we think about and use technology at Bellwether Housing. She also has been a strong advocate for ensuring residents are also served by technology in this ever increasingly digital world.”


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