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Pete Miller Joins Bellwether Housing Board of Directors

Bellwether Housing is pleased to announce the addition of Pete Miller to our Board of Directors.

Pete was born and raised in Seattle and attended Roosevelt High School. He obtained his undergrad degree and law degree from the University of Washington.

Following law school, Pete worked as a litigation attorney at the Seattle law firm of Bogle and Gates and as a transactions/Human Resources attorney at Microsoft. After leaving Microsoft, Pete spent his time on real estate/businesses investments, non-profit board work and philanthropy. In 2005, Pete (and partners) purchased The Essential Baking Company where he still serves as Chairman.

Over the past few years, Pete has become active in the local social impact investor community as a founding member of the Seattle Impact Investor Group and current Chairman of the Impact HUB Seattle. Pete and his wife also work to promote a local sustainable and equitable food system as investors, philanthropists and policy advocates. Pete also spends time mentoring and meeting with the next generation of social impact investors/business owners.

When asked what inspired him to join the board, Pete explained “I joined in order to do my part to help Seattle retain a diverse community of citizens. Given escalating housing costs, we are fast approaching the point where teachers; police/firefighters; retail, food and restaurant workers; seniors; and many others are unable to afford to live in Seattle. That would be a huge irreparable loss to our City.”

Pete also enjoys all the usual outdoor Pacific Northwest activities (e.g. hiking, skiing) and still competes as an elite (age group) level cyclist.

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