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Share the Love with Mr. Captain Larry

At Closer to Home 2023, we shared the story of one of our residents, Mr. Captain Larry. Larry is 40 years old, a dancer and an artist, and has a disability. He has lived in Bellwether Housing at The Genesee since 2006. Larry's nephew helps him film and post dance videos to his Tik Tok channel, which has 4,500 followers. Larry has such a great personality and is so engaging you can’t help but get excited around him. His go-to phrase is "share the love," which inspires us to continue sharing the love every day. 

Last year, Larry told his Resident Services Coordinator that he loves the Mariners but has never been to a game and that he would love to throw out a pitch. Normally, our Resident Services Coordinators support residents in daily living tasks like accessing food, filing for Medicare, finding childcare, or applying for jobs, but in this case, they figured out a way to help Larry achieve his dreams.

The Mariners honored Larry as a Hometown All-Star on July 2, 2023! He and his family had great seats at the game and Larry received a swag bag with gear and goodies. Thank you to everyone at the Mariners who made Larry feel special and for giving a shout-out to Bellwether Housing!

Watch Larry's story in the video below.

Please donate to support Bellwether Housing. Together, we can help our neighbors, like Larry, find home and build stable, thriving lives.


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