Virtual Table Fundraising Page 

Information, timeline, and templates to help you be a successful Virtual Table Host!

Reach out to Mariel Wettick, Events & Fundraising Manager at: or 206-623-0448 with any questions.


Thank you for hosting a Virtual Table Fundraising Page and stepping into this new role. Your leadership and support are critical for Bellwether and our residents in this unprecedented time. By inviting others to register and donate to our 10th Annual Closer to Home Virtual Event, you help create access to opportunity and safe, stable homes for our communities.

Below, you will find information and materials to help you set up your Virtual Table Fundraising Page, invite friends and colleagues, and follow up with your networks.


A Virtual Table is a fundraising page that you set up on behalf of yourself. Here is an example page. While we can’t be together in person this year, this is a virtual way to gather support from your networks. There is a leaderboard on the website that showcases top Virtual Tables, and we will include a shout out to the top three Tables that raise the most funds during our week of events. We encourage friendly competition – try your best to raise the most funds for Bellwether Housing, your support in this process is much appreciated!


You can create a Virtual Table in a few simple steps. Follow the written instructions or watch the instructional video, below.

  1. Head over to our event page.

  2. Click on the “Register” button. Select the "Create a Virtual Table" add to cart button.

  3. Follow the steps to enter your information.

  4. You will then be prompted to Create an Account. This account is simply to customize your fundraising page on the backend. You can select "Create an Account" which will prompt you to create a password, or you can continue with Facebook if you would like to use your Facebook account.

  5. You will then be directed to a page that displays your account details. There will be a section titled "About this Fundraiser." Enter in the name you want your page to be titled (if you are creating a page on behalf of your company, use your company name) and fundraising goal ($2,500 is the suggested amount but we appreciate goals of all sizes!).

  6. Continue following the steps. You will be shown your account information, and if everything looks good, select "Checkout".

  7. You will be directed to another page confirming your information, select "Submit." Your page is now completed and live!

  8. Once registration is completed, you will receive an email with a link to log into your page. There is also a link to log into your page on the event homepage and on the confirmation page. 

  9. Log in to your page with the information you set up while registering. 

  10. You can then edit and customize your page, let folks know what Bellwether means to you and why they should donate to your Table.

  11. When your page is all set up, send out the link to your networks and encourage folks to donate or register for the event. You can use the below templates for help.

Virtual Table Fundraising Page Instruction


Once you have created your Virtual Table (and personalized it - log in to personalize it!), we ask that you spread the word by reaching out to friends, family, and colleagues to take part in Closer to Home by donating to your table and registering. You can use our templates below to spread the invite. One of the best parts of a virtual event is that folks from far and wide can get involved. The suggested donation is $250.00 but support at any level is much appreciated.


We want as many folks registered and attending the event as possible. When people register, they can indicate who they were invited by. We will provide you updates of who is registered for your table. However, there are no features in being registered to a specific table, as we will not have breakout rooms. This is more a tool for you to know who has registered from your networks. The way to get directly involved with your Virtual Table is by donating. If you would like to have a more formal Table experience, we recommend setting up a Zoom watch party with your networks to watch Closer to Home together!


SEPTEMBER 25: Virtual Fundraising Table is completed and customized

OCTOBER 2: Invites have gone out to your networks (template below)

OCTOBER 12: Halfway to your fundraising goal 

OCTOBER 19 AND 20: Please share out our social media posts or our emails to your networks!

OCTOBER 21: Send out an email, phone call or text to your networks reminding them to watch the event at noon (template below) 

OCTOBER 21: Send out thank you email, call or text after event



Hi [insert name here],  


As you may know, I am a huge supporter of Bellwether Housing, a Seattle based non-profit that develops and manages affordable homes located near jobs, schools, transit, and services. Bellwether’s apartments give residents access to the opportunity and prosperity of the Puget Sound Region. [Personalize this message – why do you support Bellwether?] 


On Wednesday, October 21st, Bellwether Housing will host its 10th Annual Closer to Home Virtual Event at 12PM. There will be videos, trivia and prizes scattered throughout that week, from October 19th to October 23rd.  This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about Bellwether’s mission and the community that makes up Bellwether Housing. You can register here and indicate that you were invited by me.


I am pleased to be supporting this event as a Virtual Table host, and I would love if you got involved. I have a Virtual Table set up with a goal of [enter fundraising goal]. Help me reach my goal and support affordable housing by donating here! [link your fundraising page]. There is a suggested donation of $250, but support at any level is appreciated.  


During the COVID-19 crisis, Bellwether’s staff have been working hard to ensure that residents remain housed and healthy. They are providing education resources to families with children, connecting residents to financial relief and rental assistance, and running a meal delivery program for their most vulnerable residents. Your donations are much appreciated during this time and will go directly towards the care and support of their 3,200 residents.  

If you are unable to contribute financially, you can still be a part of the event by registering online. The event will be spectacular – you don’t want to miss out!  


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks so much! 



[Your Name] 


Hi [insert name here],  


I wanted to reach out and follow up on by below email! I hope you will join me virtually on Wednesday, October 21st to celebrate Bellwether Housing’s 10th Annual Closer to Home Virtual Event. The event runs from 12PM-1PM and it will premiere on YouTube. You can register for the event here and indicate that you were invited by me.

I am thrilled to be supporting this event as a Virtual Table Host, and I hope you will join me in fundraising for Bellwether Housing. Help me reach my goal and support affordable housing by donating here! [link your fundraising page]. 


Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Bellwether’s staff have been working hard to ensure that residents remain housed and healthy. Many of their residents are facing financial insecurity as a result of the pandemic. Your donations help Bellwether’s residents stay in the safety and comfort of their homes.


If you are unable to contribute financially, you can still be a part of the event by registering online. The event will feature incredible stories that showcase the amazing community that makes up Bellwether Housing, you don’t want to miss out!  



[Your Name] 


Hi [insert name here],  

Today is the day! I am really looking forward to watching Bellwether’s Closer to Home Virtual Event today at 12PM, and I am excited for you to join me virtually! You can watch on Bellwether’s YouTube channel, find the link to watch here:


I am looking forward to hearing from the amazing community that makes up Bellwether and learning about how Bellwether has faced the challenges presented by COVID-19. It will be an incredible event.


While watching, I encourage you to donate in support of Bellwether’s critical mission. You can do so through my Virtual Table Fundraising Page, found here! [link your fundraising page]. If you want to support with a recurring donation, donate here and indicate that this donation is in support of my Virtual Table.


Thank you for your support at this time. Every dollar helps Bellwether provide the resources their residents need to continue living safely in their homes.



[Your Name] 




Dear [first name],

Thank you for joining me today at Bellwether Housing’s 10th Annual Closer to Home Virtual Event, and taking part in my Virtual Table. I was very moved by the stories we heard today. I am still reflecting on/feeling inspired by [insert personal reflection].

I am incredibly proud to be one of the many voices that make up the Bellwether Housing community. It is inspiring to see the community come together and support affordable housing, at a time when housing is more critical than ever. You had a big impact by attending virtually, together we raised over $XXX,XXX and counting to support Bellwether Housing! These funds will help Bellwether’s residents find communities of opportunity through safe and stable housing.

With gratitude,

[Your name]


  • Bellwether Housing is Seattle’s largest non-profit provider of affordable housing. 

  • Bellwether was founded in 1980 by Seattle business and civic leaders concerned about the lack of affordable housing options in the central city for people making lower wages.

  • Bellwether continues to serve working people earning lower wages and also serves people transitioning out of homelessness, families large and small, independent seniors, adults with disabilities, and young people starting their careers. Most households residing in Bellwether homes earn below 60% of the area median income.

  • In 2019, Bellwether launched the Building Opportunity, a capital campaign with a goal of raising $9M to build 750 new apartments in 4 new buildings over the next 3 years.

  • Bellwether has broken ground on one of these new buildings this year, Cedar Crossing, and plans to break ground on another, The Rise on Madison, later this year.

  • Watch the Cedar Crossing groundbreaking here!

  • Bellwether’s team of Resident Services Coordinators connects tenants in need of support to resources and services that can help them lead independent, healthy lives and remain stably housed in their Bellwether homes.

  • All residents have access to our Resident Services Coordinators. This is an opt-in program. 

  • Read our 2019 Annual Report here.


Reach out to Mariel Wettick, Events & Fundraising Manager at: or 206-623-0448

This page and links will be updated as needed.

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