Resident Stories

"My housing was so important."

"If it wasn't for Bellwether, I don't think I would've been able to complete [nursing] school. I have no car. I had little money when I first moved here, so affordable housing in the city right next to my school was the foundation that I needed. Bellwether gave me that"

-Cesar Rios, Nursing Student &
Bellwether Resident

"Being able to have some stability in my life for a career that's inherently unstable lifts such a weight off my shoulders"

-Tess and Grace Ritter,
Opera Singer & Bellwether Resident
"It brings me a sense of relief"

"We love the location of our apartment. It's so close to everything we need."

-Elizabeth Soriano, grocery worker, with Mar Joseph, Margareth, and Marjoe Soriano
"I appreciate the stability and not stressing about where I'm going to lay my head each night"

Paris works at Year Up as an internship services coordinator. When he started, he was living in Tacoma and didn’t have stable housing. He was couch surfing — commuting four hours to Seattle — and never sure where he’d end up by day’s end. Paris heard about Bellwether and moved into one of our studios downtown.

-Paris Chapman, Bellwether resident

“Bellwether has given me the transitional place to get me back on my feet and has made it possible for me to rebuild my life.” 

-Bill and Jasper,
Stewart Court Residents