Screening Criteria

When you apply to Bellwether Housing, we review the following:

  • Income

  • Rental History

  • Credit History

  • Student Status

  • Age

  • Household Size

  • Criminal History


Please read Eligibility and Screening Criteria for more details.

What homes are available?

You can see open apartments that you qualify for using the 

Find An Apartment list.


We can only make exceptions to our screening criteria through an application appeals process.


Reasonable Accommodation

If you need a reasonable accommodation or modification, please ask for a Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Request form at when you apply.

I don't qualify. Does Bellwether have subsidized apartments?

Yes! If you do not qualify for our affordable apartments, you may qualify for our subsidized apartments. You can view information for subsidized apartments with open waiting lists. Bellwether has different screening criteria for subsidized units. The Building Manager will provide a copy of the subsidized criteria if you are applying for one of these units.

I still don't qualify. Where else can I find affordable housing in Seattle?

The City of Seattle has resources for affordable housing. If you don't qualify for Bellwether, you may qualify for another housing program. 


We're here to help. Give us a call or send an email:




You can also call or email any of our Building Managers.

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