FAQs: Current Residents

Household Changes

How do I add someone to my household?

Please contact your Building Manager. In general, the new household member(s) must:

  • Complete the lease addition application

  • Pay a screening fee

  • Meet all requirements for tenancy

If approved, a new lease will be signed, but the lease term will stay the same. For example, if your lease has already switched to month-to-month, you won't be required to sign up for another full 12 months. Lease additions within the initial six months of tenancy are subject to income restrictions.

Why can’t my friend/relative stay with me without being on the lease?

The local and federal government money Bellwether uses to fund our apartments comes with certain legal requirements. Legally, due to those requirements, all people living in the household need to be on the lease. Guests staying more than 7 days in a twelve-week period must apply to be added to the lease.

My roommate is moving out, what do I need to do?

All household members must complete and sign a Roommate Notice of Termination. Your Building Manager will also sign this form.

What happens if my income changes?

In most cases, income is reported once a year during re-certification. Residents with rent subsidies must report income changes as they occur. Contact your Building Manager for more details.


I locked myself out, what do I do?

If you lock yourself out during regular business hours, contact your Building Manager. They will arrange to let you in as soon as possible. 

If you lock yourself out after hours, and can't wait until regular business hours to get back in, call your building's phone number and select the Call Center option. If you live in a Bellwether senior or HUD property, the Call Center will contact the key holder for your building to assist you. If you live in other Bellwether properties, you can request for a Bellwether locksmith to come. The current cost, which will be billed to you, is $180. 

I lost my keys, what do I do?

Residents will be charged for replacement keys, cards and fobs if lost, stolen or not returned at move-out. Pricing depends on the type of key. Contact your Building Manager for details.

Can I get an extra key for my guest/pet sitter/caregiver?

Extra keys may be issued upon approval, and a key deposit may be required to check out an additional key. Contact your Building Manager to find out about necessary paperwork.


I’m expecting a package delivery, but I won't be home to receive it. Can the office accept packages for me?

Your building's office can receive packages during regular business hours. If you would like staff to accept packages for you, please make complete the Package Delivery Agreement Form and give it to your Building Manager. On the form, you can also give permission for staff to place packages inside your unit.

This offer is a courtesy, not a guarantee. Staff may not always be available to sign for and handle your package(s) when carriers deliver due to part-time office hours, non-staffed buildings, performing other duties away from the office, holidays, absences, illnesses or vacations.  If you are receiving medication or time sensitive packages, you may want to make other delivery arrangements.

My package was delivered to the Building Manager’s office, and the office is closed. Can someone get my package for me?

No, package retrieval does not constitute an emergency.


My ____________ is broken, what do I do?

For all non-emergency situations, please fill out the Maintenance Request/Incident Report and submit it to your Building Manager; he or she will take the appropriate action during regular business hours.

For emergency requests outside of normal office hours, please see the After-Hours Quick Reference Guide.

When will Maintenance come to my apartment?

According to Landlord Tenant Law, the following are the required response times to maintenance issues:

  • Loss of heat, hot/cold water, electricity or is hazardous — 24 hours to respond​

  • Loss of use of refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, or other fixture provided by Landlord — 72 hours to respond​

  • All other maintenance items — within 10 days

If you request to be given 48 hours’ notice or to be present during the maintenance work, there may be a scheduling delay.

Does maintenance come to my apartment?

Maintenance does not respond to resident lockouts. See instructions for lockouts under the ”Keys” heading of the FAQs.


When is rent due? When is my rent considered late?

Rent is due on the 1st of the month. Rent is considered late if it is received after the 5th of the month. There is a $75 fee for late rent. There is a $5 late fee for our HUD subsidized units.

Can I pay in cash?

No, rent may be paid only by personal check, cashier's check, or money order.

Can I pay rent online?

No, at this time Bellwether is unable to accept rent payments online.

Where can I get a money order?

Money orders are available at post offices, and at most grocery and convenience stores.

How do I fill out a money order/how do I fill out my rent check?

Bellwether Housing will not accept a check or money order that is not correctly and completely filled out. Bellwether staff cannot complete checks or money orders for you.

Personal Checks must include:

  • Pay to the Order of: Bellwether or Apartment Name​

  • Rent Payment Amount in numbers (example: $678.00)​

  • Rent Payment Amount written out (example: Six Hundred Seventy-Eight and no/00)​

  • Apartment Number — if it is not in the printed address, write your apartment number in the note section at the bottom left of the check​

  • Your Signature — sign your name in the signature section of the check (bottom right hand corner)

Money Orders must include:

  • Pay to the Order of: Bellwether or Apartment Name

  • Your Name/Signature in the From section

  • Apartment Number - write your apartment number in the Address or Note section

See a money order example.

What can I do if I can't pay my rent on time?

Contact your Building Manager as soon as possible to see if a payment plan may be an option.

Moving Out

What happens if I need to break my lease?

Contact your Building Manager and give notice as soon as possible so that we may begin advertising your unit. Residents are responsible for the rent through the lesser of the term of the lease or until the unit is re-rented at the same or higher monthly rent.

Can I sublet my apartment?

No, sublets are not allowed.  This includes short-term rentals such as Airbnb and VRBO.

How do I provide proper Notice of Intent to Vacate?

Move-outs only occur on the last day of the month. Residents are required to give written notice or submit a Notice of Intent to Vacate 20 days prior to the end of the initial lease period or, if a lease is on month-to-month, 20 days prior to the end of the month in which they plan to move out. 



  • If you'd like to move out on February 28th, notice must be given by February 8th

  • If you'd like to move out on June 30th, notice must be given by June 10th

  • If you'd like to move out on October 31st, notice must be given by October 11th

For residents living in our HUD buildings, a written 30 day Notice to Vacate is required for the end of the month that you plan to move out.

Residents are rent-responsible for the initial lease term, regardless of move-out date.


What does a 14-day Notice mean?

A 14-day notice is a notice to a resident to pay rent or vacate the unit. Once given, the tenant has 14 full days in which to pay rent to the landlord in full. If rent is not received in full, the landlord may start the eviction process.

What does a 10-day Notice mean?

A 10-day notice is a notice to the resident to comply with the terms of the Rental Agreement or Rules and Regulations. The notice will state three things: first, the section of the Lease, Rules and Regulations, or statute that the resident has violated (i.e. payment of utilities or quiet enjoyment for the other tenants); second, the specific conduct that violated the rental agreement or rule (i.e. having loud parties or an unauthorized occupant); and third, what actions the resident must take to come back into compliance.

Once given, the tenant has 10 full days within which to comply. If the notice has not been complied with after the 10 day period management may begin eviction procedures.

A 10-day notice has a lifespan of 60 days. If the violation occurs again within 60 days of the service of the notice, the landlord may begin the eviction action.

Other Concerns

I have a disability, and need a modification made to the unit. How can I request this?

Bellwether provides reasonable accommodations to applicants and residents who have disabilities and permits residents with disabilities to request reasonable modifications. Please review our Reasonable Accommodation/Modification Request Form for details about the process. Contact the Building Manager for more information.

What if I have a concern or complaint about my residency in a Bellwether property?

Most concerns can be resolved quickly by your Resident Manager. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome after a discussion with your Resident Manager, you may submit a written request for further review by a Bellwether supervisor. Refer to Bellwether’s Grievance Process for more information.

Where do I find answers for questions that aren’t in the FAQ?

Many questions can be answered by reading your lease. Otherwise, please contact your Building Manger or email us at bellwether@bellwetherhousing.org.

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