We're building 750 new affordable homes and we need your help by January 31st!
750 new homes.
3 years.
100% affordable.
Powered by you.

In the next three years, Bellwether Housing is building 750 affordable apartments in Seattle and Tukwila and we need your help.

These 750 apartments will be home to families, seniors, young people starting out, teachers, service workers, and community members we cherish and rely on. 35% of these homes will have 2-4 bedrooms to support families of all shapes and sizes. Every apartment will be located near public transit, providing easy access to opportunities like great schools, good jobs, and strong community resources.


Building Opportunity is a campaign to raise $9M to build these new homes through donations, grants, and impact investments. To contribute you can:


You can make a traditional charitable contribution to Building Opportunity.


You can invest in the Building Opportunity Fund. Investments start at $500 and earn 2% interest per year for 15 years. Your investment is not a charitable donation; it is a loan to Bellwether that you will get back with interest. 

We all want a safe, healthy community - and we all have a role in creating it. The solution to our current housing crisis is not complicated. We need radically more affordable homes, as quickly as possible. By supporting #BuildingOpportunity, you're supporting our community, our neighbors, and our shared future.

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For more information about the campaign, please contact:

Amy Besunder

Director of Fund Development and Communications


4 new buildings.
Near transit.
Family friendly.
Community centered.

We're adding needed affordable homes to Tukwila, a community with rising rents, displacement, and a huge need for family friendly housing. 103 new homes right near the light rail will help protect this community.

Bellwether Housing

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