Bellwether Linden

Affordable homes in Bitterlake. Opening 2023.

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About the Development

Opening 2023

Bellwether Housing is a local nonprofit designing a new building which will be located at 916 N 143rd Street and Linden Avenue N, Kitty-corner to the Bitter Lake Reservoir and Park (pictured above). The location is ideal for people who use transit on Aurora Ave (U.S. 99) and commute to major job centers such as downtown Seattle.


The future development will create 202 affordable homes for individuals and families with lower incomes, including those with disabilities. We are just beginning the design process. We anticipate starting construction mid-2021 and opening the building in 2023. We’re excited to hear from the community how best to make this development a part of the neighborhood.


Bellwether Linden is not yet leasing.

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Project Details


916 N 143rd ST

Seattle, WA 98104

Additional information about the project can be found at the Seattle Services Portal using the project address.

Development Team:

Mindy Black

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