Amazon employees, help us build affordable homes!

Amazon will match Amazon and Whole Foods employees' contributions to #BuildingOpportunity until December 31st! Support affordable housing now!

Hey Seattle Amazon and Whole Foods employees,

We need your help! We're raising money to building 750 new affordable homes in the next 3 years through our #BuildingOpportunity Campaign.


We're thrilled that #BuildingOpportunity is part of the Amazon Match program. Tech is part of the solution to the housing crisis. Seattle Amazon and Whole Foods employees, show your support for affordable housing! 


When you contribute to the #BuildingOpportunity Campaign, Amazon will match your investment or donation with a 1:1 donation through December 31st.

When you support Bellwether, you're supporting our community. You're creating new affordable homes that will help the janitors, security guards, shuttle drivers, warehouse teams and service workers that power our city live near their jobs, their kid's schools, and all the incredible amenities and resources in our community.

To contribute you can:


Make a traditional charitable contribution to Building Opportunity. Amazon will match your donation 1:1.


Invest in the Building Opportunity Fund. Your investment is not a charitable donation; it is a loan to Bellwether. When you invest in #BuildingOpportunity, you'll get your money back, with interest and the satisfaction of doing something awesome for your neighbors. And remember, Amazon will match your investment with an equal donation. 

Be part of our innovative plans to scale up our production of housing by 3x faster than ever before. Be a pioneer. Be a housing hero.

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